Content marketing trends that will rule in 2016

Marketing is at the centre of any kind of business. There is barely any business expert who can object to this simple fact. You cannot expect any business to grow without the use of proper marketing methods. For this reason, you have to put in place a number of marketing strategies to be able to propel your business to greater heights. Otherwise, you cannot expect to see any growth in your business. Over the years, the internet has proven to be the most viable marketing platform. This can be attributed to a number of reasons. However, one of them actually stands out. This is mainly because of the many marketing tools that are associated with the internet. When you are using the internet for marketing, you have a long list of marketing tools at your disposal. Therefore, marketing on the internet is very easy and is associated with great results. One of the best tools for marketing on the internet is content marketing. Every year new content marketing trends are introduced for purposes of improving the marketing results. But, what are content marketing trends in 2016 that you can take advantage of?

Publication and distribution of content are different

One of the most notable trends is the fact that publication and distribution are no longer considered to be the same. Back in the days, most content marketers considered the two to be one and the same thing. This may explain why the potential of content marketing was not optimised. Content marketers were only able to reap a small fraction of their marketing prospects. But, the story has changed today following the recent realisation. A good number of content marketers have now realised the difference between content publication and distribution. Therefore, they are taking both marketing and content distribution very seriously.
When you produce content but you cannot distribute it, you will not be able to realise any results of its production. Doing that can be compared to lighting a lamp and putting it under the bed; you will not get any light from it. For this reason, production of content must always be accompanied by the use of appropriate distribution methods. This is what will enable you to meet your marketing needs. Let your content reach the intended audience through the use of reliable methods at your disposal. You will realise that content production is actually a small step towards reaching higher heights in content marketing.

Taking advantage of social media sites

A time when most business experts saw the social media as a platform for having fun is long gone. Today, it is time to embrace the power of social media marketing. As a matter of fact, it is a very important content marketing tool that can enable you to reach your targeted marketing goals. If you are wondering why the social media is the most reliable tool for content marketing, consider the following. First of the social media is home to more than three quarters of the total number of people who browse the internet. In other words, close to 80 % of the people who visit the internet do so for purposes of gaining access to social media networking sites.
With this attribute, disseminating business messages over social media network sites is far more rewarding than using any other marketing platform. Your information will become readily available to your targeted audience. Therefore, this year should be about content production and the use of the social media networking sites to distribute the content. You will be amazed by the great results that you will be able to realise within a short period of time. Fortunately, there are many social media networking sites that you can take advantage of. There are dating sites, fun pages and photo sharing sites all waiting for you to exploit. You can take advantage of both new and old social media sites.

The use of bare adverts no longer considered important

Perhaps it is time to shift from the use of bare adverts or blatant adverts to a new way of advertising. Back in the days, the use of bare adverts was at the centre of internet marketing. Content published was mainly employed to act as a platform for promoting bare or blatant adverts. A blatant advert is an advert that is not attached to any content but displays information to promote a certain product. Today, most marketing experts are now switching to the use of content based adverts. A content based advert is one that is attached to an advert. Instead of having bare adverts, most online advertising platforms now prefer the use of content based ads. For example, you may come across things like sponsored pages and referral based content rather blatant ads. This feature will come with many advertising benefits. Business entities are more likely to achieve better results with this new marketing trend compared to the old way of using bare adverts.