Our Products

We create innovative SaaS Products for Businesses to increase their efficiency, scalability and better manage their brand. Over the past decade, our products have evolved into essential productivity tools for businesses and we continue to develop them with new features and intelligence.


Email Marketing Automation

Mvizz Email Marketing Automation

A robust Email Marketing Software with a powerful platform to send out beautiful Email Newsletters and Mailers for any purpose. The Mvizz Email Marketing Software as a Service has evolved in the last 10 years to provide state of the art features, Delivery Compliances, Email Design capabilities and Comprehensive Delivery Reports.

Mvizz Email Marketing Software

Bulk SMS Services

SMS Services

Vizz Media has been the pioneer of Bulk SMS Services in India with over 1,500 clients served and over 25 crore messages sent. We provide Two way SMS Solutions including Push SMS (Computer to Peer) and Pull SMS (Peer to Computer) protocols. We use the best SMSC gateway with 100% delivery of Marketing or Transactional SMS services. 

SMS Services

Survey Software

Survtapp Survey Software

Survtapp is a SaaS based solution for businesses to collect any kind of data across Web, Mobile App, IVR, Voice, Website or Email with various business applications like Customer Feedback, Lead Capturing, Market Research, User Registration, Order Forms, Inspection & Audits & Interactive Kiosks. With an easy user-interface and powerful backend, Survtapp is a marketer’s ultimate tool for data driven decisions.

Survtapp Survey Software | Download Android App

Android Call Recorder

Django Android Call Recorder

Django Android Call Recorder is an easy to use Call Recorder for Android Devices which automatically records incoming and outgoing calls on your Android Phone or Tablet. You can enable or disable automatic call recording, Automatically upload to your Cloud Account, Playback and much more. 

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Event App

White Label Event App

For event professionals around the world, our White Label Event App lets you Invite Attendees, Save Printing Costs, Get 20x Attendee Engagement, App Sponsoring, Interactive Maps and more. Get your own Event App for a Conference, Seminar, Expo, Trade Fair, Workshop, Product Launch or even for Internal Events at your Company. Our Product team has spent enormous time evaluating the needs of event managers and have come up with features that get you enhanced networking, tailored information, beacon integration, automatic attendee interaction and more. 

Admissions Software

University Admissions Software

A Web SaaS based solution which takes care of the entire Admissons Process of a student seeking admission in a university. Complete Student Admission to Graduation Lifecycle management, we have created a easy to deploy and scalable solution for universities who need to digitise their Student Enrollment and Admissions Processes. 

Customer Care App

Custom3r White Label Customer Care App

A White Label Customer Care App & Backend SaaS with complete Customer Contact Centre solution with management of Products, Tickets, Agents and Super Agents, Ticket Escalation, API Integration and your own Customer Care Mobile App.

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