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Essentials of a Good Mobile User Interface

A good mobile user interface is no subjective issue, or just an experiment that rests all its hopes on the opinion of the user. On the contrary, there are well laid down rules that need to be followed right from the moment the idea to design an app is born in our mind. A user friendly mobile user interface requires following elements:

  • DASHBOARD: Should comprise of all the features. An additional toolbar for minor features.
  • ON-CLICK EFFECTS: Cool and fancy transitions to show when you click on an option.
  • THEMES: Choose fonts and colours matching the app’s idea and purpose. People relate to colours.
  • SHAPES & VECTORS: If an icon does the trick, avoid writing out the complete label.
  • TRANSITIONS: Cool sliding, dropping, disappearing and funky effects make your app cool.
  • SPEED: Good quality coding and good Server Response Time are vital.

With a dedicated team researching on the latest mobile app ui designs, we create our own bank of icons, vectors, fonts, presentation ideas and custom transitions to show some of the most complex dashboards and mobile user interfaces with a cool factor. Our designers make sure that the interface conveys the functions of the app to its users by positioning features in the right places and using right color combinations.

Mobile UI Designing

Why choose us for Mobile UI Designing Services

A prominent name amongst the top mobile UI designing companies in India, we at Vizz Media believe in creating out-of-the-box ideas and trend-setting concepts of mobile UI designs, navigation buttons, icons and much more.

We follow a strategic and systematic process to ascertain the client’s requirement and what should be delivered to achieve a state of the art mobile ui designs. Our approach consists of the following step:

  • DOCUMENTATION: the client’s app functionality starting from the login interface till the last feature, including pop up errors and warnings.
  • FLOWCHART: Create workflows of the mobile app functionality and possible landing pages.
  • SCREEN WISE DESIGN: Our design fanatics create individual screens with the help of sketch boards, pin up boards and lots of coffee to create unique icons, effects and labels which make an app amazing.
  • FIRST CUT MOCKS: We create illustrations and designs for each screen with options for colours, fonts, shapes, vectors and images.

Q) Over 2,500 Apps added everyday. How does your Mobile App stand out?

A) Less is more!

With a futuristic and minimalist mobile ui design, there are higher chances of your mobile app becoming popular, shared and eventually more successful than it already is. We at Vizz Media help you get more out of the mobile app’s functionality by providing it a cool and fresh new interface where consumers feel like using your app more often.

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