The Idea

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There are one a Mobile Applications available in the App Stores, Some of them are great and some are good. We at Vizz media, believe for a Mobile Application to be Successful, you need to really make a great idea !

As a example of some of the popular mobile apps in the world, there are a few things common with all of them.

Pain Point

A mobile application which addresses the “Pain area” or core requirement of a person or company.


Based on the utility of the mobile application’s purpose, the price is one of the major factors in the success or failure of the Mobile Application.


The mobile application user experience & User interface are one of the key reasons people would start liking or sharing a Mobile Application.


For Mobile Applications which are present in a single or multiple mobile operating systems, it is directly proportional to the prospetive audience or popularity of the Mobile Application.

  • Each mobile application carrier with it a unique & inherent technique to engage with the target user. The UX is all above creating simplified functions, easy to locate options & intelligent rechniques of motion, graphics, lighting, colours, font & gesture control.

    The mobile application user experience is one of the most important aspect for the success of any mobile application developer to create a populer & global app.

  • The Mobile Application user interface is the most important part of the entire Mobile Application User Experience. It comprises of the mobile application Font, colour Schemes, graphics, Pictures, icons & vectors whilst trends for mobile application’s of any single industry may vary, it is the mobile application’s user interface which makes the user feel he/she is using a new advanced state-of-the-art mobile application
    Mobile App User InterfaceMobile App User InterfaceMobile App User InterfaceMobile App User InterfaceMobile App User InterfaceMobile App User Interface

  • When testing a mobile application, also pay speed attention to the Hosting server celiber, requirement & bandwidth management. As your mobile application gets downloaded more frequently, it will require more server resources which ensure that your date feed steys real time without any delays.
    With lesser time and have attention speed mobile app users are widely to get important if application does not respond with request to data in the given time period.

  • A mobile application can be developed in one or all available mobile perating system like the ios by Apple, Android, windows or Blackberry plaftorm. Here are some crucial points you need to consider when selecting between mobile os platform.
    PURPOSE : The purpose or idea of a mobile application should be able to give you an idea towards the target audience of your mobile application. Therefore, you can ascertain whether your target audience uses an iPhone, iPad, an Android Device, a Windows or Blackberry device. Based on your research, you can take a decision of selecting one or more application platforms.

    For Example : A photo editing mobile application platforms is used by users on all mobile platforms whereas a mobile application for animation or DJ music missing is more likely to be used on an iPad or Android tablet.

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Custom Mobile Application Development Services

1% Idea. 99% Execution.

It is difficult to come up with a great idea for a mobile application especially with the mobile application world being the focus today. What is more difficult is to present your idea, package your solution and deliver it in the hands of a consumer. Selecting a mobile application development company should be on the basis of how well versed is the company with UI//UX techniques, programming and back-end development which are the key elements to the success of your mobile application.

Why Vizz Media?

Mobile app development in India has seen a revelation and a huge number of mobile app companies in India have cropped up with the rise in demand. Thus, the above question becomes very much relevant while choosing between different available options and we are only happy to answer all your queries.

As a mobile application development company we provide our users with:

  • Universal & Individual Apps for various Mobile Application Platforms Android, iOS, Windows and more
  • Native/HTML5/Hybrid Apps as per the client’s requirement
  • Customized UI/UX for each mobile application idea
  • Punctual Project Execution & Delivery

With experience in the online marketing & search engine marketing domain, we also provide the client with an in-depth understanding of how to create and market your mobile application in order to make it a success.

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