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We build awesome products for innovative brands and entreprenuers.

Why Us

We are a premium Custom Mobile App Development company and work with clients to create scalable products and websites. At Vizz Media we don’t just build apps, we help you create the business model behind the app idea as well. We’re a Mobile App Development Company that eats, drinks and breathes mobile app development, user experience, design and complex code. We help you right from the beginning of validating your idea till building the platform and getting users.

How we

  • We understand your idea and the pain point or need you're trying to solve.
    Strategic guidance to scale up, add features or pivot your mobile app's purpose in case you wish to do so at a later stage.
  • Project Documentation with Planned Phases, Tech Evaluation, Wireframing and Architecture Planning.

    We ensure Scalable as well as Cost Efficient Solutions like AWS/Azure where you pay more only when your user base increases.

  • Good design is half battle won. Simple, minimalist, complex and functional - we design apps for any purpose.

    We make Intelligent Design with appropriate usage of elements, colour and user experience based design decisions.

  • A great product has to have great marketing - not expensive but effective marketing. Our App Store Optimization Services help you with a steady rate of user acquisition.

    We cover your Web Presence, User Acquisition Strategy, Digital Marketing Plans and Marketing Automation.

Why Hire Us

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Mobile App Consultation

As your Mobile Strategy partners, we help you assess the possibilities of your mobile app idea and how a mobile app fits in your business model

Mobile App Architecture

We help you select the best solution amongst a 'Native App', 'Mobile Web App' or 'Hybrid App' on the basis of your purpose, time, budget, security and scalability

Mobile App UX/UI Design

Vizz Media is a boutique Mobile App Development Company with special focus on creating world class user experiences and user interface design on the basis of your target user audience

Mobile App Development

We follow a Native, Hybrid and Cross-Platform Development approach on the basis of sustainability, performance, usability, data size, security, etc

Mobile App Testing

Our Mobile App Testing Services include various levels of quality control including code review, UI, UX, Functional, Performance, Security and different mobile networks

Mobile App Backend Development

We follow the Model-View-Controller with 'Zero Sharing' architecture, relational and non-relational databases to create high performance or cost efficient solutions

Not just another Mobile App Development Company

We build what others dare not to. We are in the business of digital transformation, we at Vizz Media are a team of young and dynamic individuals who build solutions, design and make products which we believe will govern the future.

We are fond of beautiful things and smooth user-experience and that is what we aim for in our apps. We strive to aim for design and look and feel at its very best.

Android App Development

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