An Explainer Video is a short video which:

Explainer Video Production Company India

Explains a Product or Service
Explains Implementation
Helps buyers make informed decisions

Vizz Media – Creating Little Videos that Creates Large Impact

Our years of experience in the digital world have helped us create a team of experienced professionals who know the art of grabbing people’s attention with their work. Our experts have seen the digital marketing industry grow and Video Marketing emerge as the best form of media. They produce a rare mix of audio, video, written content and creative marketing techniques to communicate your ideas, educate your audiences, drive traffic, and convert visitors into customers.

Videos produced by Vizz Media, a leading explainer video production agency, will be thoroughly enjoyed and shared by the audiences which would demonstrate that your investment of both trust and money in us has been fruitful. We honor our deadlines and quality commitment, regardless of the time constraint.

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Stages of our Animated Explainer Video Production

From planning the video, writing the script, recording the voice-over, to selection of music and creation of animation, we get all the elements right to create a video that sells and resonates with the audiences for a long time. We can convert even the most complex ideas into a simple, attractive, short, and informative video which everyone can understand.

Create original content and gather some interesting facts about the subject of your video. If you’re addressing a pain area of any industry, gather facts from prominent sources that help you prove there really is a problem.
Create a flow of your content with an introduction, manage, resolution, verdict and final delivery of the subject. Introduce call-to-action type ideas within the script where you feel the viewer might get ‘action-able’. For e.g ‘Click here for more information’ or ‘Call 1800-YOUR-BRAND to Get Started’, etc
Put your script in a Presentation format with the ideas and subject matter divided in slides. Each slide shall comprise of one particular set of points connected to the next set of points. Each new slide would indicate a change of frame, audio and visual appeal in order to keep the viewer interested yet not bore him/her with the same audio/visual appeal.
Give the presentation a life but putting your content in to a Video Production Software with all the basic information together. The content flow is maintained and some basic transitions and effects are added.
Based on the client’s feedback on the flow of content, fonts, graphics, animations and transitions used, the second cut is adapted to be more promising. Sharpen and trim the video wherever necessary keep the total timeline short and crisp. Add suitable voiceover in a male or female voice along with background music.
With the final feedback of the client, some more finishing is done in terms of the design and content finishing. Deliver the video in HD format & you’re ready to share your concept with the world.
  • Ad Films
  • 2D Animations
  • Hand-drawn, Vector, Simple Character
  • Videos for SEO
  • Animated Infographics
  • Product Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • HOW-To Videos

It would not be wrong to say that explainer videos have become the ultimate elevator pitch. In addition to promoting your business through our custom animated explainer video production services, we also offer a wide array of online marketing services like SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing services to businesses of all shapes and sizes.[\text]

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