Hi, Can I Get Your Number?

Email Marketing Services Delhi

Guess the world’s most used pick-up line? Well if your brand has been doing it since many years, it’s likely to have stopped working by now. Customer do not wish to disclose their personal information till the time they feel the need to.

And that’s the trick you need to know – and we’re going to teach you how! We at Vizz Media strongly believe that in an offline world – unless a brand gets to know about a customer’s credentials – they’re of no use to the brand. If a brand ultimately wishes to get closer to customers, you need a build a healthy and meaningful thread of communication starting with relevant offers, plans & schemes.

Email Marketing Service Features include:

  • Works perfectly on PC, Tablets and Mobiles in portait or landscape.
  • Create stunning email newsletters with a simple HTML editor created with special attention to user experience and user friendly interface.
  • Get real time email delivery open, click, bounce, unsubscribe & forward reports with IP addresses of the recipients.
  • Created awesome content? Well if it gets shared on Facebook/Twitter – we can track it and you can view the statistics of your most viral newsletter or emailers.
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